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Thanks for stopping by. Got a few weird issues not sure if my hard drive is going or its a windows issue....Let me explain:

For whatever reason I could be working within windows on the net or something and then my system would just freeze for no reason, prompting me to power off the machine with the power button. Upon rebooting the system runs a disk check that finds and repairs things then reboots. The second issue is None of my settings are being saved in the sense of the Notification icons...I hide things and make other things show and yet when I reboot the machine or logoff and then back on it goes back to default forcing me to change everything around again.

I tried to run sfc /scannow it said it found and repaired files but then referred me to the CBS log to look at some files it couldn't index which I have no idea what's what in the log. I can check the error logs which I haven't done yet but wanted to get some other ideas?


Check your system for any malware/spyware that may be hidden on your system. Do full system scans in safe mode.


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You should have an antivirus / security system. Run that. If you do it in safe mode, you won't have access to Internet. But once you get access there = Windows normal mode, do run a scan with Malwarebytes, and additionally with an On-line scanner.

Best wishes.

Whats a good anti-virus? For awhile I was using MSE but then kept reading things about it always missing something or another. Then I decided on AVG but didn't like the interface...What do you suggest?


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The talk about security software may definitely prove to be the Most Never Ending Story Of Mankind, since definite results can't really be found. MSE is good, I've understood many in this Forum use it, and find it safe and reliable. I personally have Avast Internet Security, the paid for, as I came to the conclusion security is worth paying for. I mean, I pay for good car tires... :cool:

Whatever, use ANY antivirus or other security program. You can find many at

Freeware categories at SnapFiles - thousands of quality free apps, rated and reviewed

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I use Avast free AV.


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Run a full scan with it, and I would advice you to follow bassfisher's advice, to do it in safe mode. Practically, you need to press F8 after the BIOS info = any black and white notes, but before Windows starts = Windows splash screen. It may be a bit tricky...

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