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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by jgadrums, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I use Windows mail with Vista and AVG Internet Security to handle email protection and junk mail filtering, is Windows Live Mail better than Windows Mail? I also have a few XP machines that still use Outlook Express, I assume Windows Live Mail is a major step up and a nice replacement to OL Express. I also read that Gmail and Yahoo Mail are better than Windows Live Mail, any suggestions.
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    Windows Live Mail is certainly an improvement over OE or Windows Mail.
    It does provide easy access to Internet accounts and has some small features which do not exist in the two "legacy" mail programs.
    It has the capability of importing all your previous settings so is no bother to install and start using.
  3. I cannot stand using Windows Mail. Its just not anywhere near as good as even Outlook Express. Windows Live is what i mainly use, and also have been using Yahoo lately. Neither are bad, but i still prefer the easier to use/ more space of the Windows Live.

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    I just downloaded it yesterday. The only problem was the utility wouldn't find my internet connection when I first opened it up. So I deleted the accounts (which were automatically created when it brought them across from Windows Mail),
    then manually re-created the accounts again and voila! So far it seems pretty cool, I even managed to pull back all my mails from the old accounts (which worringly disapeared when I deleted the accounts). Nice to have a change from the default mail utility plus its faster too.

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