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I use Windows 7 - Windows Live Mail. When I send an email with CC recipients recipients cannot see the CC emails that I want them to see. Is there a setting that I need to set or unset within my Windows Live Mail???? I want my email recipients to be able to see the CC email addresses.

This is a new computer.......had it a little while. Should be able to use Windows Live Mail that came with this computer. That's why I bought it. I've never heard of people not being able to see the CC email addresses...........when there are CC email addresses. I need to fix this. HELP

That hide option has nothing to do with what the recipients see....that's for my doesn't matter if that option is chosen or not, because that's to open up those options in my windows live mail so I can see or not see them. I want my recipients to SEE the CC email addresses in the emails that I send to them. There has to be a way to fix this. :(


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Not much help, but I have just tested it with several CC's. No problem at the othet end??
Windows 7 64Bit.

Thankful that it works on yours. :p I need the CC option to work on mine. :( Again, I need my recipients to SEE the CC email addresses that are in the emails that I send to them. They are currently NOT SEEING the CC's. HELP. There has to be a way to get them to see the CC's.


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Could you post the build number or version of livemail your using..


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If you try going to the browser-side of Windows Live Mail (Sign In) and attempt sending the message there, do the recipients see the carbon-copy recipients?

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