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I have an unset message that I just want to delete, but the only option is to "send now". How do I get rid of it?

I have tried, but no success. Hope someone can help. Thank you


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It would be helpful to know exactly which version of Windows Live Mail (WLM) you are running, there are like 4 different versions (WLM2009, WLM2010, WLM2011, & WLM2012). There have been some recent updates and changes to older versions of WLM from Microsoft that may affect your ability to use WLM; see the Microsoft article here: Live Mail 2012

Furthermore, it would also help us to know which version of Windows you are running your WLM on as well (for example, WindowsVISTA,Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1, Windows8.1.1, Windows10)?

Generally, a message stuck in the Sent Mail folder indicates a corrupted message, or a problem with your Account settings (who is your Internet provider, please??; i.e., Cox, Verizon, Charter, etc.). Usually, it's best to start with deleting the message which you've already tried.

The next thing is to run the Mailbox maintenance that comes built-in with WLM. Here's a link to that: ** this is from the Microsoft Community Forum**

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To re-index the message database,

  1. On theHometab, clickWork offline.
  2. On theViewtab, selectReading pane > Off.
  3. Press Ctrl-Shift-O to open program Options. Select theAdvancedtab and clickMaintenance.
  4. SetCompact the database on shutdown every... to 1 and make sure the check box is ticked.
  5. ClickClose,ApplyandOK.
  6. Disconnect from the Internet and close down all running programs including your security software.
  7. Close WLMail. A progress window headedMaking a backup...should appear, followed by another headedRecovering unused disk space.
  8. Wait a few minutes, then reboot the computer and check that your security software is running again.
  9. Re-connect to the Internet, launch WLMail and test.

If this is successful, you can reset the compact counter.

Post back answers to our questions, and if your problem persists we will advise you further.

Best of luck, :thumbs_up:

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Bigbear, I found the problem & was able to delete the message, was easy when I figured it out! I have Windows 7. I got a message from Michael Fara regarding this forum. I was having a hard time with understanding it. I am a senior so it is not easy for me. He is going to look into it so maybe it will be more simple in the future. Thank you for responding.


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Hi Helen,
That's good news! Thanks for letting us know. Often times, the built-in Folder Maintenance cleanup will do the trick too.

Best, ;)

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