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I'm trying to set up a dual monitor pc to run wmc on a tv. But cannot get wmc to output audio to any other device apart from the default. Is there anyway to run wmc sound to the tv and all other sound to the pc speakers?


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What type of connections do you have on your PC and TV.

Also, do you have a home theater receiver?

Sound card specs would be of help.

The pc has hdmi and vga video out, as well as coaxial sound and 7.1 sound output, hdmi can also be used for sound. The tv is a samsung led that has hdmi, component and rca inputs.I am using hdmi to connect the pc and tv. If I setup the wmc speakers to the hdmi and then set the windows default sound device to pc speakers the pc will output two audio streams but the settings reset if the pc or wmc is restarted.


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I don't know why it would be changing from the "default" sound device?

What type and how many speakers are you using?

Are you looking to output 5.1 or 7.1 channel sound?

Again, do you have a home theater receiver?

Also, does the sound card have SPDIF out?

Do you have the internal speakers on your TV on or off?

I don't have a receiver,the sound card has SPDIF out. I'm trying to use the pc for two duties at the same time. 1. Windows media centre on the tv with only wmc sound on the tv and 2. A normal destop pc with all other sound going to the pc speakers. A 5.1 or 7.1 audio output is'nt needed. If I start wmc and set the sound output within wmc to hdmi out and then change the windows default to pc speakers, i can watch wmc movies on the tv with sound through tv speakers and also operate other apps on the pc screen with there sound out the pc speakers. But the separate sound output settings end if wmc is closed.


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You can't set a sound card to do "two duties" at the same time with Windows Media Center.

If you had a receiver, you could use SPDIF out to run it through your sound system.

Which sounds better, the TV speakers or the PC speakers when hooked up to the TV?

In windows media player you can set the sound output device to hdmi and play a movie on the tv, at the same time as listening to itunes on the pc. So I know the on board sound will output
two audio streams at the same time, the problem is getting windows media center to do the same as wmp.

How do you setup SPDIF to output only wmc audio?


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As stated before you would need a receiver with optical in.

If you TV does not have an optical connection, I'm afraid you're out of luck.

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