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I'm using Windows Media Player on my Dell Mini 9 win build 7100 mostly because it will add new music that I add to my folder. Lately every time I start media player it goes and reindexes all of my files. It's not just searching for new files but it shows there are no files in it and then it indexes and brings everything back in. I don't get the duplicate problem that others were having though. Its like my library isn't saving before I exit each time I use it. Is this a known problem or one that's special to me?

I have this exact same issue from time to time. Not always but enough to be annoying. Symptoms are as follows. I bring up the media/center/player in the "Library Mode" and it says I have no music. I select my library manually and the system proceeds to suck in all my files and indexes them. If I leave my PC up and running for days on end, it does not seem to do that again but if I reboot, it seems like the first time I go into the player/center it does the reindex. I'll have to confirm that though.

Furthermore, from time to time, I will get the duplicate song listings as some have mentioned here. I simply close the center down and reopen it for the duplicates to go away. I will say that I like the fact that the new music I add is indexed almost immediately. That was one of the things about iTunes that sort of bugged me was the two step process to add music.

Are you guys using libraries? I have had issues when pointing WMP to any location other than a stupid library, especially on a NAS. Issues were so bad I actually had to resort to using the library just to get music into WMP at all. I normally just use iTunes for playback but wanted to mess around with WMP. I just went ahead and removed it

I am set up as a single user on a single machine so technically I have a single "library" as opposed to libraries. I set up a separate folder under the user's music library and dumped my music into it. It sits at the same level as the iTunes folder does. I wonder if WMP has issues trying to figure out where the music actually is. For instance, is WMP expecting my artist/album/song structure to be at that high level and maybe I'm confusing it with these other iTunes folder sitting there. Who knows...

I have used it a bit on and off and it's ok but the reindexing is annoying and I'm really used to the iTunes SW so I'll probably stick with it as well. My next goal is to actually sync up an older iPod and see what happens. Oh boy....!

I'm pulling my music off my sd card. The problem seems to be worsening if that's possible at all. Is there a registry edit one can make to fix this?

I have the same issue.
I have been doing a bit of digging around and a number of people with Vista are complaining about this and saying it's by design. They are suggesting that every reboot causes the index to be rebuilt and this was Microsoft's intention, personally I have my doubts. I have about 30,000 songs (MP3 to lossless WMA format) totalling more than 300GB and had this when I had media center on Vista as well now on Windows 7. When I had Vista it took my then Media PC (big rig) about 5 minutes to load up all media which I thought was just getting the DB into RAM and getting the images from the web. I now have a netbook and it takes forever (6+ hours) to load the files and then more than a day to get the media information.
I know my post doesn't help fix the issue but may shed some light on the cause.

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