Windows 7 Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service....

I have seen a 10% increase in RAM usage by turning on this feature. I wrote about it here when I first noticed it. I now have it norrowed down to this process. I use it all the time to stream everything (all media) to my HDTV through my Xbox360. I noticed it when I first installed 7100 x 64, previously on builds 7000 and 7048, this was not the case. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas why my RAM usage would go from 12% to 22% just by turning on this feature???
Is that jump only when you're streaming? If so that makes sense as your PC is working to send that data out to the XBox. If you're talking about just when it's idle, I'm not exactly sure. I had some weird issues where that same service was causing a cpu spike every 30 seconds or so. Could never figure out what it was, but it eventually stopped.

I can't test anything out on my PC at home as I have to RMA a harddrive. :(
no it is like that when idle....when it is actually streaming it goes up a few %'s but not much. I to had those cpu spikes, but they settled down also. I wonder what they changed from 7000 to 7100. It used to work so good back in the beta 7000 days. I am really stumped on why so much extra RAM must be used just because the feature is turned on. It baffles me.....anybody got any idea?????
Wait, your PC is using 12-22% cpu usage at idle? What else is eating up cycles? Mine usually runs between 1-3% usage at idle...
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no....not my cpu, my cpu is 0% when idle. I meant the RAM usage.... that goes from 12% without the Windows Sharing Service on. Then I turn on the windows media network sharing feature and boom 22% of my 8 Gb of RAM is used!!! For what is my question... If i am not streaming anything why is using 10% more RAM???? Any help would be great!
I have gotten to the point where I just turn it off via "msconfig" when I know I am not going to be using it. But when I turn it back on I have to reconnect my pc to the xbox. no big deal but still a minor hassle.
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Wow, I really didn't read your post very well. :p

My guess is it's some kind of pre-fetch thing to make sure it's "ready" to stream music whenever. I don't know for sure though. I wouldn't worry about it too much if you have 8GB of RAM though. :)
stupid media sharing business...

Just a side note on this.... I had noticed my videos slowing down some times and went into resource manager and found this program to be using between 40-60% of the CPU? turned it off and now everything seems to run fine... Also thought it might be trying to pick up media files from other devices? i.e. 360, ps3, wii and second PC, so i turned all of these devices off and it still seemed to chew the same.... Anybody got any ideas how to stop it doing this, rather than just switching it off in start-up?:confused: