Windows Mobility Centre - Cannot Find?

Hello from a new Member.
Desktop User. Windows 7 Professional. Version 6.1.7601.

I am trying to turn on/off my wifi at will. My wifi is currently on as default but I never/rarely use it.
I have search different forums and even contacted Windows Help desk who did send me an email on how to open Windows Mobility Centre (which is where I believe wifi on/off option is located).

However I do not have the "Look in the lower right corner of the desktop for the Windows 7 power icon. Looks like a battery with an AC plug" that she mentioned, Nor can I find Windows Mobility Centre in my Search Facility.
Can anyone please help me?

Problem Now Solved.
Just a quick word if I may, I have had over 90 views and not a single Hello or offer of Help.
At the same time as joining this forum I joined, within an hour I had two suggestions of help,
one of these from an Administrator who patiently pointed me in different directions until I was able to log into my router and change my settings.

I am not going to say anything against this forum but other new forum users might like to check out this other Forum for speedier help.

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