Windows 7 Windows no longer recognizes my CD Drive


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I've installed Windows 7 on a secondary PC and Windows now does not recognize my CD Drive. Anyone have any suggestions on how to resovle this? Thanks :)
My issue is somewhat different...My DVD/CD drive is not even being recognized as existing...when I go to Device Manager it's not even listed. I have Windows 7 installed on a secondary computer so it's nothing more than a minor annoyance at this point...

Thanks though, I appreciate your effort to help me :)
mh ... that's strange. did you try vista, did it work there? is your drive recognized in your BIOS?
are you sure the device isn't just listed in the wrong category (unrecognized devices or something). it's really unlikely that your device get's recognized by your BIOS but not AT ALL by windows.
also try "view->show hidden devices" (don't know if it's really called that in the english version of windows, but I hope you'll find it :D) in your device manager
but windows 7 seems to have major problems with dvd drives anyways.
What was happening was in Device Manager the DVD drive was showing up but the drivers weren't being I re-booted and hit F8 and told it to skip the driver signing..then the DVD didn't show up at all in Device the next time I attacked the registry and deleted the “UpperFilterâ€Â￾ and “LowerFilter" keys from the registry....and now things seem to be working far

Thanks...I appreciate your reply