Windows not genuine after cloning partioned drive letters incorrect


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After trying to clone my hard drive my new hard drive had a bootmgr missing error, that’s now irrelevant As I have reinstalled windows on that one , I have now tried to reuse my original hard drive And it goes to the login screen I enter my password it say preparing desktop. Screen is all blue and bottom right corner it says windows not genuine. I can only access the task manager. I have noticed that the partioned drive letters are not correct. See picture. I need to get my drive letter back to c: I think.... any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I would imagine you screwed up the data used to generate the product ID. You'll have to reactivate Windows assuming you still can with Windows 7 being out of support. The partition letters are logically assigned, so you likely have extra partitions on the system and they tend to get assign letters in order.