WINDOWS NOT GENUINE after installing Windows updates

Anybody here who knows the solution to this error message : "Windows not genuine" after installing updates from Microsoft, I already activated my copy of Windows 7 five months ago, everything is doing fine until I downloaded the automatic updates from Microsoft last night, I called MS customer service and they validated my Product Key and they said its a valid upgrade PK, tried everything like WGA diagnostic tool, changing to a new product key, rearming, clean rebooting, safe mode, phone activation, reinstalling the tokens, EVERYTHING....I even called the MS technical support, no solution yet and they even escalated my case to their Research Department. Please, anyone who might have an idea. It will be greatly appreciated.....

did not work

thanks mitchell but i have already done that...doesn't work....

Microsoft indeed seems to have some activation troubles lately - no idea when it will be fixed. Did they give you a new key?

you could try clean install again

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]You say you have tried WGA diagnostic tool, what does your WGA report say ?

(1. Download and install the MGA Diagnostic Tool:

2. After running the MGA Diagnostic Tool, click
on the "Windows" tab and then click on "Copy to Clipboard".

3. Next, visit the following website and create a post in the
"WGA Validation Problems" forum and paste the
results of the WGA Diagnostic Data in a detailed post.
Microsoft Forums

my last option is clean install

Microsoft indeed seems to have some activation troubles lately - no idea when it will be fixed. Did they give you a new key?

you could try clean install again

yeah, i called MS Technical support and was helped by a very friendly and patient and very good in English guy from the Philippines who provided me several turnaround...he gave me a new PK, even downloaded that WGA tool, even reinstalled the tokens...every possible solution.....he decided that he will escalate my call to their Microsoft Research department because this is the first time they encountered this bug.....If not for that friendly guy frm the Phils., I could have lambasted MS for this, he assured me they're exhausting all possible solution in order to help me with my case....


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Interesting post.. Please keep us updated as to the outcome vjcolfax :)

The Research team called yesterday. They don't have the idea yet why this bug happened. YOu know what the technician did? He just reverted my back computer back to a restore point ( before I received those messages ), installed the updates and everything was fine then. Magic, right? But I and even Microsoft itself can't even figure out what caused the bug.

not magic - just make sure you do not install the messing update again or you are back to square 1

Interesting and Useful, thank you for the update. A simple system restore often does the trick. However, this may have also done it, in combination with the system restore:

even reinstalled the tokens...
The updates didn't work with your old tokens, but then the updates worked well with the new reinstalled tokens. Since this was an upgrade, the tokens after the upgrade may not have been the same as the new ones that you reinstalled.


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This could very clearly be a bug in their new WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) program, whereas your product key itself may have triggered something whereas you lost your activation. My best guess is that it is a case of something wrong with their activation/validation schema in extremely rare instances. They do mass-block stolen or hacked keys, and by giving you new activation information this solved the problem. From your postings it is strongly inferred that your product key and the associated hashes/tokens may have been inadvertently blacklisted in their never-ending attempt to combat piracy. But who knows? At least it is good to hear you are back.

i do agree

this could be a bug on their WGA tool, or on their win 7 OS itself, for sure Microsoft is doing something about it.

Microsoft is busy implementing geo-lock keys and that seems to cause some activation complications. However, not really a serious issue..just get another key.

Had the same issue with my 7 ultimate - first key was blocked next day after successful activation, the second key worked better!

Could anyone tell me why is the Product ID listed is not the same as my store purchased Windows 7 Product Key?
In Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > System > View basic Information About Computer > Windows Activation > Windows is Activated the screen says Product ID and this number is not the same as the Product Key on the box from My Windows 7. After the listed Product ID it says "Change Product Key" in blue. The Genuine Windows Sticker is in the bottom RH Corner of the screen.
I noticed this because I got a note at the bottom RH corner of my screen that said Windows 7 was not genuine. When I shut down my computer and restarted the notice was not there and everything seems to be OK under CONTROL PANEL > SYSTEM, except for the difference in the two numbers????

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