Windows partition lost, help

Hello everyone,

Sorry if I posted this wrong but I am going nuts right now. I did have a windows 7 installation on my laptop with 1 HDD 320 GB and 2 partitions, 85GB and 225 GB or something like that. My windows was installed on the 85 GB partition called ACER[C:] and my stuff/documents were saved on partiton DATA[D:] with 225 GB. Now I was just working and installed Partition Magic and wanted to delete it cause I didn't needed it anymore but then my laptop started to crash and when I started up again I got the Bluescreen. I started it again with my windows 7 installation disc and saw that the ACER partition was gone and there was only the DATA partition which turned from D: to C:

Now I do want to start system restore in windows but I can't cause the C: doesn't contain the program, the C: now has only documents from my DATA partition. So how can I use system restore or change the ACER partition as the bootable partition? Please help, have a very important day monday and have a lot of work to do, please help

Nobody knows how to fix it or help me further, here in the Netherlands it's already past midnight and I would love to fix it as soon as possible, please, help me

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