Windows Scaling Question?


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I'm trying to get my new computer's window size adjusted so that it looks clear.
My monitor has a resolution of 3440 by 1440 and at the default 100% scaling it looks crystal clear.

But of course, everything looks pretty small.

If I go to display settings and increase it to 125% then everything starts to look fuzzy, I remember finding an answer to this on my last computer with my HD monitor when I first got it but I don't remember, I believe that one solution was to set the resolution at a specific percentage but I'm not sure, once I got it to look good I never messed with it again.

I also used to be able to set the type sizes to specific sizes i.e. windows headers to 24 pt etc. I can't find anyplace to do that anymore.
Everyone who has a new high-resolution monitor must be having these issues but I don't find any really good ideas about how to get larger type without it getting fuzzy.

I have the "Let Windows try and make apps not appear blurry" turned on.

I just noticed that the change the size of test, apps, and other items is showing 225% which I know it's not doing, I have the setting under Advanced scaling set to 110%.

I'm going to log out now and turn off the custom scale factor and see what happens, and then look at my advanced scaling setting.

I'll be back.


You can see the size of the taskbar, that' not the small icons option. It seems like there should be able to adjust the size of taskbar beyond just Small Icons or not Small Icons.

And I'd like to be able to change the size of the type in application windows. Anything that would get the Windows Elements and the type in some programs bigger without losing the sharpness that it has at the default size.


When I set the scaling size back to 0 and reloaded it looked normal and very sharp then I changed the "Advanced Scaling Settings" to 110% and reblogged. It looks pretty good but still, on the small side, I'd like more on the 125% area but then it does start to look blurry.

I notice that the "Custom Scale Factor" has returned to 225%, even though I had set it to 0 and only changed the Advanced Settings to 110%.
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Hi again.

Well, I've kind of found a solution, it's not perfect but better than the other things I've tried.
What I did is set the App Scaling to a higher number, I started with 110 and worked my way up to 140.

As you can see this increased the size of the taskbar and other elements.


It's just starting to lose sharpness but not bad.


Note that the scaling here is shown as 225% I left this at 100% so I don't know why is shows this figure it's obviously not increasing the size by anything like that, 125% would be plenty but if you do that it looks really fuzzy.


So contrary to what you might expect changing the scaling for Apps under Advanced Scaling Options is a better option than setting the Windows option to one of the default larger settings i.e. 125%.

I'm going to try this for a while and then I may back down to 130% which looks sharper.