Windows Server 2008


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I have used Windows Server 2008 for a long time and I should say it is a very fast and reliable operating system. Server 2008 has many features disabled by default, which allows it to have better memory management and run faster than Vista. You can enable a number of features if you need them, like Aero interface or Superfetch. The best site dedicated to Windows Server 2008 is this one:

Convert your Windows Server 2008 to a perfect Workstation

It tells and shows you step-by-step actions to enable and use Server features right. Enjoy !
Thanks for the info. I know several people that run Server 2008 on their workstation. There have been several times I thought about switching (at least to Server 2008 R2) but I like Win 7 enough on my laptop that I don't really feel any need to change.

Good information though. :)
You're right Camride, now Windows 7 is sure in focus. Server 2008 was seen as a great alternative to Vista. For example, even with Aero enabled it used 2/3 of RAM of that used by Vista, which made many users happy. A few other links:

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Vista Done Right


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Windows "Workstation" 2008 - Vista Done Right?


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Elegant Code

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