Windows 7 Windows Update 80072EE2 error


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Jan 14, 2009
Every time I run Windows Update in my 7 install, I get the the same 80072EE2 error and have no clue how to fix it. It seems to be effected by some sort of firewall, but I've tried using just windows, just mcafee, and nothing, but have had no success. It's also effecting a few of my other programs, like Zune, and I would REALLY like to get it fixed. Any help?
Windows Update Error 800F020B

I'm having a similar problem, fortunately with an optional update. I'd still like to have this ironed out. Here are the details:

Microsoft - Other hardware - HID Non-User Input Data Filter

Download size: 1.3 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Optional

Microsoft Other hardware software update released in January, 2007

More information:
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Help and Support:
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Update error :80072EFD

Exact same problem with different code:80072EFDInstalled update until 1/12 then I updated Office 2003, after that, impossible to run the update.
Try this - usually works

try uninstalling your ethernet device and re-installing it. gets around a screw-up still there from earlier versions of windows microsoft never fixed.
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