Windows update - cannot start service

Hi all I come here as my last resort! I've googled for hours and hours and have not been able to fix my problem so I hope someone here can steer me in the right direction.

Problem: After uninstalling Norton a few weeks ago I noticed my windows updater was not on, no idea if its related. When I went to check for updates windows told me that the service is off. I tried to restart the service but to no avail. I get this weird error message. Anyways at this time I cannot update windows because of this. Is there a way to fix this or in the very least work around it and get my windows updated?

Thanks for the help in advance!


I tried that, it failed and said it couldn't fix one or more of the problems. I read the list and it said stuff about a bad windows update. I clicked on the other solutions button and it suggested to do a system restore.... So I tried that and when windows restarted it said the restore was not successful because it couldn't access a file!

Man I love windows!

I bought this computer from Sams Club, it is an HP and of course they do not come with a windows CD is there anyway to get one so I can possibly just format C and start all over?


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It should have some sort of recovery media creation program, look on your Start Menu under the HP software.

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