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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help and Support' started by prayami, Feb 25, 2008.

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    Feb 25, 2008
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    I got few questions. It will be good if somebody can help:
    (1) Link to download "Windows Vista SP1"
    (2) Is it still beta or the final version released?
    (3) If I install this SP1 in my computer, does it affect my existing software. I mean, is there any issues with existing software?
    (4) Can I uninstall sp1 and go back, if require?
    (5) Is SP1 makes vista faster/speedy?

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    Feb 6, 2008
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    Hi Prayami

    1. What link to Windows Vista SP1 download are you referring to?
    2. Is it Vista beta RC or RTM
    3. If you are already running a vista beta then the next upgrade should not effect your existing software. However remember a beta version is something thats released to find and correct "bugs"
    4. Always remember the golden rule about setting "system restore" points before installing new versions of any OS.
    5. Most professionals who have tested the different Sp1 betas & RTM version have reported no significant gains in terms of speed. However there does appear to be an improvement in stability and compatibility with existing hardware.

    The choice is yours! If in doubt wait another few weeks till the SP1 is available as a Windows Update Download.
  3. Hi!!!! I wouldn't worry so much about SP 1. In about the middle of March, Microsoft has plans to automatically download it to your computer in increments. All you should probably worry about is getting your computer ready, Driver and Bios if necessary. Some people have had trouble accepting new Drivers because of a defect in the mechanism that loads it. Somebody said SP1 corrects over 500 bugs, that should make operations in the brain for your computer easier. Take it as it comes, one problem at a time----
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    2. The final version has been released to particular groups of Windows users and manufacturers. For the general public, it will be released in March or there about.

    3. I remember reading articles (cannot source them right now), which says that it affects some security suites (i..e antivirus, firewall, antispam), so you should check the website of whichever security software you use before installing SP1.

    5. Yes and No. When you first install SP1 it will be slower than before when it comes to launching programs. This was stated by Microsoft and others who have tested the speed of a SP1 system after an upgrade. Also the following article mentions that even Windows XP is faster than Vista SP1 in some scenarios Microsoft: Windows XP faster than Vista SP1 in some cases

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