Windows Vista Windows Vista Ultimate Display Change!

Well. Image shows every thing.

I want the original Display of Vista with all Button styles and Minimizing, maximizing and mini screen on the MenuBar.

But my display is changing!





Hi!! Are you talking about modifying metrics and fonts ? If you are, this can be quite wordy. You can change the size of the font displayed, the style, ans even the actual font used. Use the Appearance Settings to make changes. 1. Right click the desktop and select Personalize. 2. Click Window color and appearance. 3. Select Open clasic appearance properties for more color options. 4. When Appearance Settings loads, click the Advanced button. 5. The advanced appearance window opens. From here, you can make changes in two different ways. The first way is to use the Item drop-down box. Just expand it and select the item that you want to modify. The other way is to click the object that you want to customize on the Preview picture. This click automatically selects the item from the Item drop-down box for you. Either way, select an item that you want to change. When you are finished customizing your window metrics, press OK to save your changes. Press OK once more to activate your changes and close the Appearance Settings window. Sincerely, Celestra


BUT i was asking for transparent windows! instead of The windows i Have!

Example. I want my windows to be transparent like this ;

And i have windows at this time ;

Well. I hope now it makes more clear!

HELP me please ;)



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Hi Faisal, your talking about the Aero desktop. If your graphics hardware can handle it, you can make the changes you need by right-clicking on the desktop and choosing Personalise. Near the bottom of the revealed list you'll see 'Theme', click that. You'll see a drop down menu, in which you'll find the Aero theme, click that, then apply and ok. If you don't see the theme listed it be for a couple of reasons, Your running Vista Basic (in this case not a problem as you use Ultimate) or your graphics hardware isn't capable of running the Aero interface. Let me know what you find..

Just to add, you can make changes to the Aero desktop (such as colour ect) by again right-clicking on the desktop, clicking personalise and near the top choose 'Window colour and appearance'.


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Hi!! I have considered re-designing my screens occasionally. That is a nice look, have you done it yet ? Very big undertaking. If you visit the website: Vista Glazz Transparency by Code Gazer, they have a download for you. I saw a book "Vista: Find Your Favorite Features and Discover the Possibilities" by Joli Ballew and S.E. Slack and "Windows Vista Sidebar: Your visual blueprint for developing cool gadgets for windows OS (visual blueprint) by Dave Kon . They talk about transparency and window design. You also might want to visit Tweak Sincerely, Celesta (Why don't people just use the word transparency ?) Let us know what happens--



comes telegram

I jsut installed vista ultimate and the display is all vista except for sidebar and start bar it has the appearance of windows 98, there are no transpaerny, i ahve nvidi 9600gnt pci ecpress ddr3, wud up?


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Have you installed the driver?

I am also thinking to develop a forum like this one, really impressive work

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