Windows Won't Shut Down after Updating

After running Windows Update I hit the restart button and get the dialog "Windows is Configuring your Computer 15% Complete". Finally after a while it says "Shutting Down" with the spinning circle, but never shuts down. After 90 minutes or so I shut down with the power button.
On restart I get the message Windows did not shut down normally. It only happens after the updates. Normally it shuts down fine. Any ideas? Thanks. Tom


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Are you running an Anti-virus program that might be checking during the shutdowns and startups? If so try turning it off for testing, and there may be something like a Rootkit check that needs to be disabled.

When the system comes back up, are there any messages about configuring updates during the startup?

Does Windows update show any problems?

Thanks for the help, Saltgrass.
Yes, I am running AV software that has background monitoring enabled. On restart, yes, it showed that it was configuring and showed rapid increasing numbers to about 12000 or so.
I have Win 7 with SP 1. Thanks again, Tom


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Well, we don't really know for sure if the AV is causing a problem, or one of the updates, possibly a driver update, is involved.

Next time, you might try only allowing one update at a time to see if it happens on a particular type. Since not all updates need a reboot, perhaps it will narrow down the problem.

But if it is related to the AV, you may need to turn off all parts of the enforcement. The real time monitoring may not be all you need to turn off, it was not in my case. Being disconnected from the internet might be good.

Or you might try the updates in Safe Mode.

Does Windows Update show any updates failed?

Yes, in the past some updates show failed or pending but most were successful.
By disconnecting the Internet do you mean go offline or pull the cable too?Should I look for that Rootkit and is it iimportant? Thanks. Tom

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You are not looking for a rootkit. Some AV programs have utilities that check the system during shutdown and/or reboot. If they do, it can interfere with the Windows Update.

Disconnecting from the internet if you disable the AV is sort of just a warning, but up to you. The chances of something getting to your system is a short time is unlikely, but could be a possibility. Try doing the updates in safe mode.

Keep in mind, some updates will require prior updates before they will install. You system not shutting down would not seem to fit into this scenario, but the failures might indicate previous problems.

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