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Windows 8 Windows won't use Hardware Reserved 4gb of ram, when 6gb is installed


Active Member
Jan 15, 2012
Hi I'm on Windows 8 64-bit on a Toshiba Satellite L750
My computer has constantly been a pain and has not once been completely usable. There is always some sort of flaw.
I deleted everything and installed Windows 8 last week because it seemed as though only 2gb of my 6gb of ram was being used, and I wanted to installed Win 8.

Currently in the Resource Monitor I have 2 gb in use/free and 4gb of is labelled 'Hardware Reserved' and doesn't appear to do anything.
I have spent the past two hours trying out different methods to get it to work, but none of them did, and on the forums I looked at there seemed to be no real solution and the threads just trail off into unrelated problems.

I really need this 4gb to be active so I can actually use my computer properly and use the full 6gb of ram that came with the laptop. This problem has been around on Windows 7 and still exists after doing a fresh install of Windows 8.


Thanks, and I really hope I can get this working for once.
  • Reset your BIOS to optimized defaults or failsafe defaults if you can.
  • Disable memory assignment options in the BIOS.
  • Ensure all RAM is seated properly in the DIMM slots and that nothing is blocking them.
  • Run MemTest86 and rule out corrupt DIMMs. If it shows errors at any time the RAM is faulty. This is a critical operation.
Do you have 4GB of RAM on your graphics card? This would lend itself to a memory assignment problem or conflict.

What other options did you run? What kind of RAM is it and are they all matching DIMMS with the same clocking? Best of luck.