wireless conection problem

I've been using Win7RC for a while now, im having a wireless connection problem, my adaptor is a linksys wusb54g with XP driver (the vista one give me BSOD), and pass between 2-4h, the connection just shut down, the icon in the notification area says that im have no connection, and i remove the adaptor and put it again, and nothing happen.
Sometimes i go to the device panel to deactivate it, and the panel stop responding, the only way is to restart windows, and the PC don't shut-down by him self, i need to shut down in a brute way. When windows start, every thing's back to normal. Pass 2-4h the problem start again...


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Hello and welcome,

It's strange that the XP driver works, well actually it doesn't work.

there have been many issues relating to wireless connection problems,

I suggest you look over the threads already posted at the bottom of this page for more info.

Can you go to Start > Run, type cmd, then type ipconfig /release, then ipconfig /renew to get your connection back?

Also many people forget about Microsoft's built-in Help and Support. Go to Start > Help and Support and type in wireless problem

In ipconfig /release it say "Não é possível realizar operações em Ligação de rede sem fios 6 enquanto os respectivos suportes estiverem desactivados." after google translate "Can not perform operations on Wireless Network Connection 6 while the media are disabled."
Its like the adapter shut down him self, and windows do not recognize him...


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The XP driver is definitely not working correctly.

You need at least a Vista driver.

Check this site [/URL=http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/Search.aspx?type=Hardware&s=linksys%20wusb54g]linksys wusb54g[/URL] for compatibility.

You'll need to know the exact model and version.

BTW, have you changed Internet service provider lately?

It's strange that it's listed as Connection 6

Mine is this one: linksys wusb54g, but the pic is wrong.

The last time I've installed the vista one, I get BSOD's, I think it happen when the connection stay too overloaded, the same happen with XP one, but this time the device stops responding.
I used the XP driver in Vista and had no problems.
I gonna to install the Vista driver, however, more suggestions?

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