wireless network cannot access

hi guys,

i've got a problem with my wireless network i put the wireless password and it say that there's only a limited access what can i do? anyone could help me?



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Could you explain a little more about your setup. Which version of Win 7, do you connect to a router, where are you putting your password?

Check the Network and Sharing Center and see if you show any red Xs. If you have a problem, you might be able to click or right click on the problem area and start a troubleshooter.

Are you using a Homegroup?

i have windows 7 hime primium 64-bit yes i'm connected to a router and yess i put my password.

i've done the troubleshooter and it continues :s


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Where does the Network and sharing center show your access limited, between your router and the internet?

Can you see your router OK?

Does your network show as a Home network or Public network?

I am still unclear on where you put in a wireless password, since I enter no passwords to access the net?

You might try turning off any firewalls to check your system, which includes the router if it has one.

similar wireless problem

Maybe I can jump in here and someone can help me - I am using Windows 7 Home Premium version. The specific issue on my home network is I am told I have an excellent connection, but IPv4 and IPv6 are zero hence no internet

At work, the new Acer notebook connects easily to my workplace wireless internet

At home, I get no internet access, even though it can see my wireless
network; says the signal is excellent and that I am connected to the
wireless router

but zero connectivity

I am frustrated over this - don't know what else to do

FWIW, at the office, the network is secured, though I only had to input the
key once and the machine automatically knows it

At home, I have an unsecured linksys network

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