Wireless Printer- Suddenly not working/ Windows not finding it

I have a brother HL-2170W wireless printer.. it has been working perfectly fine with windows 7, when i first set up the printer with the main computer in my basement, all i had to do with this computer in my bedroom was to go to add a device-> printer-> search for printer and it would find it automatically.

Couple days ago it just suddenly stopped working, under devices and printers, it was there but grayed out, i switched the "send to onenote" as the default so then i could switch back to the brother printer thinking it may do something, instead it gave me error code 0x00000709. I searched this in google, however i did not come across any solid answer or resolution.

I took out my laptop (has windows 7), which did not have the printer already on it.. went into add devices->printer->search for wireless/bluetooth printer-> bam in about 5-10 seconds it came up.

I still cant understand why my PC is not seeing it??

So far i have only tried using CCleaner to clean up the registry, but this did not solve the issue.

also, please dont tell me to download drivers, because my laptop had NO drivers installed (other than the default windows) and it found the printer just fine. Also, this PC found it just fine when i first set it up without any drivers needed.

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What it sounds like is that the program has some how been corrupted in some way. Usually an uninstall and reinstall of software will fix it. I've seen more and more errors like these with these wireless printers, it seems to be a theme for them. As for downloading drivers, when your laptop searched and found the printer, that is exactly what your laptop did it found the software and drivers and downloaded them from a pc on your network, that's how it's supposed to work as opposed to manually installing software on each pc.

You could also try checking your system for malware, spyware and adware. Some times some of these bugs can corrupt a system files, registry and in general not place nice with your system. I would recommend using these: Malwarebytes, Adaware, Spybot S&D, these are all free, and then a good utilities software for general pc maintenance and cleaning. IObit has a free version called Advance System Care or here is a link to some reviews of the top ten for 2010. I use Tune up Utilities.
PC System Utilities Software Review 2010 - TopTenREVIEWS


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Check your IP assignments. I have several computers in my house - with different computers coming and going frequently. Some are wired, some wireless. When my printer mysteriously stopped printing from my main (wired) computer, I decided to print a status report directly from my printer's menu. I discovered the printer's IP address had changed from when I set up the printer in my computer. Changing the PC's printer setup, suddenly all the stacked print jobs (including about 6 test pages!) were sent to the printer. Changing the printer's IP to an assigned "static" address fixed the problem of IP addresses changing. Note this must be done in the printer, and the router.

lol.. i feeld dumb... I first went to the printers support site and downloaded/installed:
"Full Driver & Software Package"
After installing it did nothing, still showed printer as "offline" even thought it was turned on.
I went back to the support site and downloaded:
"Driver Deployment Wizard"
This actually found the printer!!

All is well now, thanks!!


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Glad you got it sorted out and thanks for the follow-up post.

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