Windows 7 Wirless conectivity


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Apr 3, 2009
As everyone alse here, I too experience conectivity problems.

I have a a Dell wirless 1390 WLAN Mini-card and since installing the latest W7 version

The problem is not router-based as I have this problems with 3 different routers of 3 different brands (syslink, netgear... and a third one I cannot remember).

So... does anyone know of an upcoming driver (I installed the latest vista-32 driver with no results) or a soultion to the problem?


I feel your pain....I just tried swapping my wireless card as well....still have the problem with high ping spikes. Nobody has responded to the other threads I've posted in, so I'm thinking there isn't a working solution out there yet. :(

Strangely, the MSI Turbo G wireless card seemed to work perfectly fine in my wife's PC when already inserted in the PC and with a fresh Win 7 install. Since I took it out and moved it to my PC (and swapped my Linksys card into hers), both PC's are having the problem now. I'm wondering if I just need to do a fresh Windows install with the MSI card in place to get rid of the problem. It seems that once I start messing with the adapter after Windows is installed, everything goes downhill with the connection?
I'm not sure that that will solve it

Since I have a DELL leptop I don't swich card so that is the card that was on
while installing W7.
Iv'e installed a new copy of the 7000 version with no conectivity issues 'till now.

I think I'll stick to it untill a better version comes up.
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