WOL with DD-WRT, Windows 7 and MSI Z97-G55


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Here's the situation:

• I have Windows 7 SP1 running on an MSI Z97-G55 mobo with latest BIOS (updated today).
• My router, a Linksys E3000, is running DD-WRT (updated today)

Here are the steps I have taken to try to get it to work:

1. Static IP is set and works just fine.
2. I've added the machine through the web interface under WOL and it is enabled.
3. The card properties have been adjusted to let the card power on the computer as well as turned off all of the power saving junk.
4. I'm using the router's internal WOL service to test, so I know it's not a network issue.
5. I've tried using the command-line interface and that doesn't change anything.
6. I've set the BIOS to allow PCI devices to wake the computer and turned off all power saving options there as well.
7. I've obviously rebooted the computer and router several times.

The worst part about all of this is that this was working fine a couple of weeks ago without issue. I had Wake-on-WAN even working from Unified Remote. It was all going great. I don't know what I changed or exactly when it happened because I hadn't tried waking my computer in a while. I can't seem to figure this out after pouring over forums for hours. I've been doing networking and computer repair for years now and at this point I know it's because I missed something stupid.

If anyone can figure this out, you would be a savior!


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Question: Why did you install DD-WRT firmware on your Linksys Router?

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