Won't let me edit READ ONLY only status as Administrator

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    This is driving me crazy. Whenever I try to remove 'read only' status from a file or folder, basically NOTHING HAPPENS. I click apply and it acts like it worked. But once I look at the properties for that same folder it's still READ ONLY. I need to edit metadata on multiple files for class, which I was able to do as of last week.

    Also, under properties --> Details ... there is no 'Description' property on any of my word/excel/powerpoint files in order for me to edit tags etc.

    This has been only happening recently. What happened to my computer?
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    If you have a restore point from a couple of weeks ago I'd try that, this was probably caused by some Windows Update changing your settings some how.

    Try downloading and installing this application.
    It's almost impossible to use Windows 7 without it. LOL

    Grant Admin Full Control

    Take and Grant Full Control Permissions and Ownership in Windows 7 or Vista Right Click Menu « My Digital Life

    It will add a command to your right click drop down that will let you override Windows mother hen complex.
    You can click on a folder and apply this to all the files in it.

    If you feel comfortable with it, most people have disabled the UAC, that helps to get rid of a lot of these problems too!

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