World's Fittest Man Sets 200th Record

If running a marathon sounds like a daunting feat, try covering 26 miles in freezing February weather through hills, mud and streams -- while carrying a 60-pound backpack.

On Monday, that's just what Paddy Doyle, a former paratrooper and amateur boxer from Birmingham City, U.K., did to achieve his 200th fitness endurance record.

Accompanied by three members of the U.K.'s Parachute Regiment for support, the 45-year-old fitness endurance champion completed the cross-country speed march in 7 hours, 51 minutes, covering slippery ground from the Warwickshire countryside to the Royal Leamington Spa town center in Central England.

Paddy Doyle of the U.K. set his 200th fitness endurance world record by completing a 26-mile cross-country speed march while wearing a 60-pound backpack. The feat took 7 hours, 51 minutes.

"It was tough going," Doyle told AOL News. "The ground was muddy, frosty and icy, the fields were deep in some places with mud. I was taking three steps forward and five steps back. The last seven miles was the hardest as the sun came out; carrying the backpack was taking its toll."

The challenging terrain caused him to fall several times and injure his left ankle. Although pain has never stopped him before. Throughout his career of setting records, he's suffered a herniated disc (five times), broken toes, friction burns on his back, a dislocated hip and a stab wound to his leg.

"I think he has a special gene that makes him go past the pain barrier," said Dean Gould, president and founder of Record Holders Republic. "There is no sign of him slowing down with age."

Doyle's obsession with world records began in 1987 after picking up an old edition of the Guinness World Records book. Later that year, he set his first record: 4,100 push-ups in 4 hours, 30 minutes, while carrying a 50-pound steel plate on his back. By 2009, Guinness had listed him as the World Fitness Endurance Champion.

For each record attempt, Doyle approaches various world record organizations for rules and regulations and confirms their acceptance of fitness endurance records.

Many of Doyle's achievements would boggle the minds of even the most dedicated fitness fanatics.

Paddy Doyle is the king of one-armed push-ups. He's set world records for using one arm to perform 400 push-ups in 10 minutes, 1,886 in one hour and 16,723 in one week.

These include the most one-armed push-ups in one hour (1,886), the most push-ups in a year (1,500,230), the most weights lifted in one hour (149,220 pounds), carrying a 56-pound log a distance of 25 feet (100 times in 21 minutes, 40 seconds), and the fastest mile run with a 40-pound backpack (5 minutes, 35 seconds).

"Not even the famous milers in history could do that with a 40-pound weight," Gould said. "He is an all-time great, and his name will always live on in the history of record breaking."

In 2007, Doyle even set a world record for setting world records by achieving 14 in one hour.

"I enjoy pushing my body to its limits and that sense of achievement of beating that record or setting a new one," he said.

This 200th milestone record has been recognized by Record Holders Republic, the International Record Holders Club and the Universal Record Database.

"This morning my joints were stiff, my ankle I slightly twisted was sore, and the cuts to my left kneecap was hurting," Doyle said the day after the event. "However I went for a training speed march, to keep my flexibility and get focused for the next world strength speed stamina record."

For that, he plans on performing the most one-arm push-ups in one minute carrying a 40-pound backpack.

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