Windows 7 Worst PC I Ever Owned


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Just venting, but I got a Dell Optiplex 760 desktop planning to upgrade & haven’t been able to afford anything. It’s old but still very poor excuse for a PC. Constant issues with it & cant fix missing NIC controller or whatever it’s called. This is so fkn dumb.

From buying PCs so far I’ve learned:

1. DONT buy from stores.
2. DONT buy laptops.
3. NEVER buy Optiplex again.
4. It’s fun to push it over & run away screaming “take that nerd!” As I kick dust on it and spit in its face in utter disgust.


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Why not build your own system?

I’d love to, but can’t afford to.Even $50 is a lot for us & we barely cover bills. Can’t work so I’m home a lot & do surveys for gas & cig money. And weed of course.

Wife’s dad gave me laptop but charger port inner piece is broken. I gotta order another piece, but where it connects is in hardest part of motherboard to access.
I hear ya..

Have you checked Youtube as they may have a vid on your model being stripped down or similar?
I'm sure if you post the laptop model we can go off and find an ifixit guide for it.