Would like to clean install...

To You Forum People,

I purchased the Windows 7 Home Professional Upgrade from digitalriver. I am getting a backup DVD in the mail in short order, I believe this 'backup DVD' is the same package that one gets when purchasing the upgrade disc at a store.

Anyway, on to my question. I have installed Windows 7 -- upgrading (ie not clean) from Windows Vista -- via the electronic download. I then activated Windows 7. However, now I want to do a clean install as there are some issues rising through the cracks after performing the upgrade.

I can not reinstall Vista and do the 'double install' trick or custom install as my Vista was OEM and I was never given the disc.

Is there a way to reinstall with a clean install with my Windows 7 Upgrade disc?

Yes if your not concerned with wiping out your current os and want to start with a clean slate. just do the "double install" as per the steps HERE Just substitute windows 7 for vista.

And it does work. Im using it on my desktop to type this.

People who have received the upgrade says it will boot on its on.. so all you need to do is boot to it... go to custom install.. remove the partition that your current win 7 has created and do the new/fresh install.

You can make your download version bootable and do it without waiting on the disk.

Be sure you have any data you want to keep... backed up. It will go poof.

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