write "chkdsk" output at boot time to logfile on other partition?


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On my 64bit Win 7 system I have two partitions:

C: (with the "core" Win7 system)
D: (with almost all other stuff)

When I start the following command:

chkdsk D: /F /V /R /X >C:\chkdskout.log

everything works fine.

However when I enter the opposite command

chkdsk C: /F /V /R /X >D:\chkdskout.log

then at first the system is shutdown+restarted+chkdsk performed
BUT the logfile is NOT written.

I guess it is because the partially booted Win7 system at chkdsk time has no access to the partition D:

Is there a workaround for this?

The chkdsk output can be viewed at the screen. I want to have it in logfile as well.



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Have you tried looking in the Event Viewer under Application and searching for chkdsk?

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