xbox 360 not playing entire song from Win 7 machine

I have a library shared on the host pc and the 360 setup as an extender. The two see each other fine and the 360 DOES play the songs, just not the entire song, and it depends on the length of the file on how long it will play. The longer the song, the more it plays. The short the song, the sooner until it goes to the next track.

any ideas on how to fix this?

In REGEDIT path over to...


Set the "Size" dword to 2. This removes network quotas from admin accounts.


I tried what you indicated above and it did not seem to have any affect, any ideas?

Install the newest version of ffdshow and see how it goes, after a reboot.

Uninstall all other crappy codec packs you've installed, too.

I'll go ahead and try that, but how would the codec on the host system affect the client (xbox 360)?


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If you're not using Tversity, the codec mentioned above would not be nessecary.

Ensure all required firewall ports are open, and that Windows Media Player is set to Automatically allow streaming media to all devices on your network.

Required ports:
Firewall ports that must be open to use your Xbox 360 console as a Media Center Extender

If this doesn't work, I should recommend Tversity, which usually streams flawlessly without any advanced configuration required.

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