XFX 9500 gt display problem win 7

i have bought xfx 9500 gt(1gb DDR2 )and it was runing perfectly on xp, but then i have installed my second os win 7 professional but the the driver is not catching it
. it is on the device manager but with an yellow question mark
.my resolution has gone all the way down to 800*600
.refresh rate to 1 gz
.the full screen has blasted with dots and i cannot see any thing clearly
although i have installed latest driver i.e_331.82

system specifications
*peintum 4 2.20 gz
*2 gb ram
*500 gb hardisk
*mother board 945 chipset family(american megatrends

yes i have installed the driver packages which comes with the cd ,and i have win7 professional 32 bit, i thing so i have the psu requirement because it is working perfectly with my second OS (i.e. xp)

i have downloaded the latest driver from the link you have suggested,but its not working


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these are the screen shots of my desktop
the driver is installing but in device manager it is with a yellow question mark ,here the image is much clear thn original.

The link you have provided is fore the 64 bit and mine is 32!

same !!! installed but not working same screen ,same device manager yellow question mark

i have installed it , and every thing is fine except the video memory

it says that your video card driver doesn't support aero,try to to update it, but i have alredy installed the latest version


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Try this guide on turning on Aero:

I seem to remember something about WDDM drivers and the like needed for Aero but it's years since I last used Aero itself. Let me wake up properly, drink some coffee and hopefully the memories will return.. :) Seriously I'll do some research and post back but it could be down to something like that.

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