XP updates on computer running Vista

I bought a new computer with Windows Vista Home Premium and have been having some problems with windows sending me updates that I don't believe I need. Today, when I went to add/remove to find out if I had the program that the update was for, I noticed the 'view installed updates' and clicked it. In the list of updates, there were several that were called "Windows Update for Windows XP" and "Security Update for Windows XP". My question is that since I am using Windows Vista and Windows XP was never on that computer, could those updates have transferred when I did a PC to PC transfer from a PC running XP to Vista?

In addition, I just asked my sister to check her new Vista machine for what updates were installed and she said she had some Windows Updates for Win 98. Her husband did a PC to PC transfer of ONLY programs, no windows applications, but the programs he transferred had been on a Win 98 machine.

That brings me to my last question, which is can I uninstall the updates that do not correspond with the version of Windows I am using or is it possible that some programs will not run properly if I uninstall the updates?

Thank you for your help.


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Hi and welcome to the forum..:)

This is certainly a new one on me and I'd write down the number of the offending update. You can then go to the update centre and see what the update is for... http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/default.aspx

If you find you don't need it or there is a vista version then by all means replace it. I should imagine though that these updates were used to allow the smooth transition from one os to an other....

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