XP upgrade issue

I successfully upgraded from XP and the only issue that I have is that each time i start the computer, it asks which operating system I want to use. My hard disk is partitioned for backup. Any ideas on how to automatically load windows 7?



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Did you do the install to a new hard drive with the XP one still connected? Are your boot options Windows 7 and XP?

Are you dual booting or do you want to dual boot?

Thank You. I installed on an existing drive which had XP on it. I followed the instructions about transfer of information to a separate hard drive. I do not want to dual boot. The partitioned drive was used by HP for backups


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Probably the easiest way to delete the other option is to download EasyBCD. You can remove the other OS option. You can do it with BCDedit if you want to try.

For right now, open an administrative command window and type bcdedit. It should show what is in the Master Boot Record and the BCD store, which is where the OS options are stored.

We have someone else having problems restoring XP as an OS, so could you take a snipping tool shot of the resulting information and post it, make sure anything that might be personal be covered.

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