Windows 7 Xvid4Psp encoding too slow?


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I notice that encoding video with Xvid4Psp took more time than usual. Something to do with .Net version? Anybody else have the same problem?
Xvid4psp very slow

Yeah! Xvid4psp is painfully slow on Win7. I have a dual boot with XP and have to revert to XP to encode.
Win7 Slow

I have now tested Win7 doing various kinds of work and I had thought that Xvid4psp was at fault. Now I find virtually every kind of task runs much slower than XP. I have a machine with a MSI k9n6pgm2-v motherboard, AMD Phenom 2 quad core, 4gigs memory, and numerous WD drives. I have installed Win7x64 and XPx32 on two dataports so that I can test each doing varius kinds of work. I especially concentrated on long running processes like encoding video. I had been told that the codecs were responsible so I tested an AVI to AVI uncompressed encode. My final conclusion is Win7 is slow. Internet slow. File copy slow. Video encoding slow. Audio editing slow. Its just slow.