Windows 10 You'll need the Internet for this 0xCAA30194 Error



I've been trying to Set Up a Work or Education Account in Windows 10, but I've been getting an error saying that I need to be connected to the Internet (but I am).


How can I resolve this issue?
I've tried some of the possible solutions that I found online - such as changing to local account login, but to no avail.



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First off what are you trying to connect to is this for work or school? Do they use AD or azure and do they allow these types of connections? If they don't or your not on their network when trying to connect you would get this error. It doesn't necessarily mean you don't have an internet connection.


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I am having exactly the same problem. I have a school account (I'm a professor at Tulsa Community College). Everything worked fine until they expired my password and I had to create a new one. (One person thinks that this has to do with the fact that the college uses Single Sign-on). Since then, I've been unable to edit anything in my school OneDrive account (I can edit anything else just fine, and I can get to my OneDrive files directly on my computer and they are syncing just fine). It wants me to login, and when I try, I get this message. I really DO have Internet access. They refuse to talk to me about this since the problem is happening on a computer owned by me and not by the school. I haven't tried plugging my computer directly into an Ethernet connection at the school. Should I try that? My only other option is to move all my OneDrive files to my DropBox account and forget about using OneDrive. That would really be a shame since I can't put DropBox on my school computer. I'm having another problem that gives this exact same message. It happens when I try to use Windows 10 mail for my school account. Again, that worked fine until I had to update my password. I was also experiencing this error message when I had to re-activate my Office 365 products that were on my school account. I managed to resolve this final problem by installing Office 2019 (NOT 365 version) and then used the product key instead of logging in. I had hoped that this might get rid of my OneDrive editing problem, but no such luck. Attached is a copy of an email that I sent to our school tech support (they told me that they don't support personal PCs, so I'm on my own).