You're favorite addons/extensions

Axel PC

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Just curious as to what are some of your favorite addons/extensions for any browser? I've been rocking UBlock Origin since it first came out. I can't even remember what I used before then for an ad blocker. I've been using HTTPS Everywhere for a long time too. So what do you like to use. I'm curious if there's some neat and helpful ones I've never heard of.


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uBlock is the only addon I have consistently across systems, with it's ability to synchronize it's whitelist/blacklist using a Google account, and it's small CPU and Memory footprint.. I haven't seen a better ad blocker yet.

Chrome Remote Desktop is kind of nice if you want to rely on Google for Remote Desktop access.
Google's Cloud Print is also pretty nifty. Although that's more of an app that runs with Chrome not an addon.

If your a Twitch Viewer then BetterTTV and FrankerFaceZ are must haves.


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I used to use Ad-blocker, but after a number of friends like Ublock, I tried it and was sold on it.

For downloading videos I use FVD downloader, with the FVD_Downloader_Module_1.0.8.msi extension. The odd video it won't get from YouTube, I just login using my Gmail account.

Axel PC

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It seems to me that when talking about ad blockers Ublock Origin is a fav with tech savvy and ad-blocker is what people get when first looking up ad blockers

Spirit Wolfe

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I tried uBlock and it was okay for a while and then I was sold on (and bought a lifetime subscription to) AdGuard. It is community-based supported and AdBlocker not only blocks ads but (yes it is a program -- which uses about 15MB of memory) since it loads and runs before you even load your favorite browser it monitors what websites you goto and looks for ads and removes them and their placeholders / IFrames before the page is even loaded to view onto your screen. Thus cutting your webpage load time by half (almost) depending on what type of page you are going on.

I use another web-extension called "Open with..." This add-on I have used almost since its infancy. Sometimes when webpages are designed for a certain browser, when you try to open them up in a Firefox browser it loads, but maybe not fully or correctly, for some reason. Backed, by Python, this add-on allows you to open another web browser and continue right where you left off...

There are probably a dozen more like, Linkification, Shorten URL, UserAgent Switcher, URL to QR Code,, VideoDownload Helper, and IDM (Internet Download Manager)...