Youtube volume muting if too low

So, I am having a problem with youtube: while listening to stuff, if I reduce the volume too much but not mute it(just above the point it mutes, all of sudden I can't here anything but the volume bar shows that the sound is not muted. I know it only happens on youtube. I am using firefox but the problem also appears in chrome. Also, to ensure the problem is better understood, I made the following picture:
I recorded the sounds using stereo mix and you can see that when I drop the volume down to a specific level, it just mutes, even though it's not all the way down.
Anyone knows what might be wrong, it would be of much help.
Thank you in advance!


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Any ideas? Also, in light of some further research concerning the issue:
This is an example video in which the problem does not appear:
This is an example video in which the problem does appear:

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