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Ok I have a problem Elder Scrolls Skyrim comes out on 11-11-11 and Zelda Skyward sword on 11-20-11 which one should I get first. Granted I will have to get a Wii to play zelda this is the only game I will play on it maybe mario but the rest are all junk I have played every zelda game ever released and I absolutly love the series. But I am also in love with Elder Scrolls what is great about this 2 games is a new one takes a long time to come out so you can find all the hidden stuff and take your time with it unlike other games. they are saying over 300 hours of content in elder scrolls and that is not including future expansions. but what one should I get and play threw first why did they have to release them so close together well I guess nintendo needed a killer title for this christmas


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No brainer, Elder Scroll SKYRIM...100% every time... anything Zelda is for 10 year I got a Wii for my daughter a couple of years ago and they are utter junk, even she has jumped to PC only gaming saying they look crap...and she's only 4!!!

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true but there is just something about the zelda games but yes i will probably play skyrim first


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Did you eventually go with Skyrim? The high resolution texture packs were just released as a free DLC, as well as the Creation Kit for PC.

I think skyrim is the best sectoral game which people might choose first for playing compare to Zelda. I am also play this game much and like it too much.

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