ZZZZ Folders ???


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I've Googled and searched ....... but ain't never see'd anything on this one ! I've got 2 folders at the top of my C drive, each containing a long string of numbers. But then , the names end with several "Z"s . AND, opening the folder in Explorer, you'll see a string of sub-folders , all named with various random sets of.......... again , the "Z"s !!
You'll need to see the attached picture. Only one is open for viewing in the right side of Explorer.
The folder above the open one contains 250 !!!! of these same subfolders, with the random sets of "Z"s , and the "periods".
Crazy, huh? Oh, I just found that I could delete one of the folders. (saving the other until I get a response here) Thought I had tried to delete one before, and wasn't allowed.
The deleted one with 11 subfolders, showed a size of about 1,580 kb.
......While we're here, wondering ; are those two uppermost folders beginning with $(dollar sign)
required system folders?

ZZ Z ZZZ folders.jpg


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Even I see the same on my machine after doing some cleanup (deleting some other folders) and restart.
It has 248 subfolders all named with random ZZ.ZZ.Z.ZZZ. etc.

I deleted the parent folder as it allowed me.

this had 10 subfolders and with zero size. Looking at the creation time, this one was latest. I deleted this as well.

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