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    MSEdge complete uninstall

    do you mean 'Update & Security' - 'Recovery' - 'Reset this PC' or Windows Update 'Advanced Options' ? Or where?
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    MSEdge complete uninstall

    well, yes, that's the question I came here with. It's damaged installation. Edge is showing up in many places in menus, pdf reading, etc. But it's not functional.
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    MSEdge complete uninstall

    Is there any way to completely remove this browser from Win10? With some custom uninstaller from MS or something like that? In Settings the uninstall option is greyed out, see sshot1. It won't even reinstall, see second screen: Has anyone had a similar experience with this? Thx for any advice Peter
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    Onedrive for Win10 doesn't work.

    When you start the desktop version of ODclient, this will not start. I tried to download 32 and 64bit version, reinstalled, no result. After the opening setup window, the installation ends without notice. How is it going to fix it? Thanks for any advice. Peter
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    MSEdge – how to disable as default PDF viewer

    After some last Windows10 update the MSEdge was set as the default PDF files viewer. When I switch it back to Acrobat, it returns again as before. I tried it more times using the right mouse with checked option, in settings/default apps by file type, nothing helps. No option to see the Edge...
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    Win10 File Explorer replacement

    Although due to some properties use this program, I want to ask tips on how fully replace it. Total Commander file manager is OK, but for example, working with the home network is is unsatisfactory and complex. Needs a plugin for this(?). Or at least I can't operate me. Does anyone know...
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    Win10 starts to safe mode.

    Great tip ;-) Already resolved - DOS prompt program of the same focus: thanks a lot
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    Win10 starts to safe mode.

    After uninstalling the trial versions of antivirus ESET IS (with FW), win10 starts to safe mode. Probably there will be some rest of the installation that prevents normal. Although MSConfig cancels this safe mode, but only using a selective startup, or minimal safe boot. I.e. do not load all...