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  • Hi
    I have a question, I have 4-5 PC's running windows 7 and we usually have stuffs to add to the host file (almost on daily basis) which leads to difference in host entries in all the pc's. Is there anyway in which I can update a single host file and all the remaining host file on the same group computers gets updated???

    Please let me know soon as i want to do this on priority basis.
    Have not been around in quite some time love the design of the site and how you have consolidated everything to one website and just called it Windows Forums.
    MIke, suddenly the Forum is not accepting images w/ posts. Says everything is too big, even small things that have gone in, in the past.

    Hello Sir, I do not use this forum at all, i don't even knew that my account still existed, Can you Please Delete My Account.
    Thank you for your offer, @Drew. At this time, we are not currently accepting applications, Even if so, we still vote on every application.
    Hey Mike,

    How bout my being a Mod here same as I am in other Tech Forums? Then I can deal w/ issues instead of just reporting them.

    Dear Mike,

    Hello, I have read your writing software review information, It's great,We want to post a review about MiniTool Partition Wizard 8.1.1. on your website , this software is by far the most influential software and free software, and we provide a professional version license code to you.


    Ok so here is my issue,

    when i start a game it will run for a few seconds but then i will be taken back to my desktop as if i have tabbed out but the game stays open?

    if i try to click the game again to play it, again it runs for a few seconds then just takes me back to the desktop?

    i hope someone can help! Thanks, Alfie
    I’m looking to find a way to fix a Windows 7 computer that will not use the default location? For example when I pull up a search for car parts it shows me locations that are over a 100 miles away even though I live near a large Ohio city.

    I tried deleting the old location, which was actually correct and started over including restarting my computer. Thanks, Bob [email protected]
    Guess it's time to get rid of the "Formerly Titanic" comment, it's obsolete by now. Thanks in advance, cheerio.

    I am desperate!

    Yesterday on sevenforums I posted a message that Bits du Jour was offering AOMEI PA Pro for free. The moderator (BRITTON30) decided this was wrong! I posted back that it was free. The moderator, apparently didn't like being corrected, called me an "arrogant ass" and has banned me from his site and others!

    Can you suggest anything I can do? You must run into this?

    Louis M. Ayers
    I've been a bit absent lately, of which I make a limited apology. I had a slight crash down, it happens every two years or so. My wife tried to tell me, warn me, and advice me --- but would I believe her? Eh?

    Creating a new skin, I will hopefully be able to provide more and better. Cheers to everyone, Yours Truly.
    Was it a recent email? My spam filter seems to be going into overdrive recently. The iphone app is great though.
    Hello Mike, I need some help. I have recently been using windows 8 Pro. I got an error which says D:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt Please help me out. I really would appreciate it.
    Working to make the website look great on desktops, phones, and tablets.
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