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    Creating System Restore Point and Restoring with "vssadmin" possible?

    Yes, I know how to create a System Restore Point with built-in dialog or 'wmic' or Powershell. But I want to know if it is possible to create a System Restore Point with the core Volume Shadow Copy tool "vssadmin" as well? Can I similarly at least perform a Restore from a previously created...
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    How to find out if a certain USB flash drive supports USB 3.0 or 3.1 or only 2.0?

    @davehc: Thank you but this could be misleading: Assume the notebook plugin supports 3.0 but the USB flash drive is only 2.0. Or vice versa. I guess the device manager will only tell me 2.0 I need the USB version of the USB flash drive not the plugin port in computer
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    Decision if 'public' or 'private' network only important for current, local LAN segment?

    When I setup a connection (LAN or WLAN) I have to define if this connection should be part of a "public" or "private" network. This network type is only important for accesses and issues INSIDE the current (LAN) network segment until the next router. It is NOT relevant for accesses from outside...
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    How to find out if a certain USB flash drive supports USB 3.0 or 3.1 or only 2.0?

    Assume I have an USB flash drive with unknown brand and model label. The only thing I can say it has not a new USB-C plugin and its capacity. But what I want to know is the highest support USB version. So if it is USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 or only USB 2.0 How can I find it out? I guess via right...
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    Prgm crashes because of missing *.ocx and *.ocx.mui files in WinPE - Manual assignment possible?

    I used a utility for years without problems on Win7 and Win10. Recently I wanted to add it now to an USB flash drive which boots into a Windows 10 WinPE environment. Unfortunately the tool crashes with the popup notification: "The code execution cannot proceed because hhctrl.ocx was not...
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    How to uninstall .NET v4.8? Disabling without uninstalling possible?

    How can I uninstall an existing .NET v4.8? Does uninstalling .NET v4.8 automatically install the previous version .NET v4.7 or .NET v4.5 or does it uninstall ALL v4.* versions? Is there a way to just disable but not completely uninstall all .NET v4.* versions? .NET v3.* should be the last...
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    Refresh File Explorer with F5?

    Interesting. I never read about this BIOS settings. It works. Thank you
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    Refresh File Explorer with F5?

    The linked article describes the problem that Win Explorer does not auto-refresh. But my problem is different. I want to MANUALLY refresh File Explorer by pressing F5. But when I press F5 the the following 'Project' pane appear: I don't want to additionally press <Fn> key. How can I just...
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    How to install minimum WinPE onto USB-Flash drive PLUS portable program + auto-start?

    Assume I have a running portable program on my Windows 10 system. Its works. Now I want to run it from USB flash drive on various computers without leaving traces. At first the USB flash drive should boot a Windows 10 system from it. Then afterwards automatically start the target program (in...
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    Refresh File Explorer with F5?

    In former times in Windows 7 users can press F5 to refresh the current state of Windows Explorer. When I try to do the same now in Windows 10 File Explorer then from the right side a pane appears instead. How can I change the meaning of F5? I would like to keep the F5-refresh association. Tobias
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    Dramatic difference between hard disk transferrate "sequential" vs. "random" access?

    I have connected my computer through USB 3.0 cable with an external (backup) hard disk (Hitachi HDS724040ALE640, SATA III, 7200rpm, 4TB, NTFS formatted, empty). The USB controller in external case box and the USB port on mainboard are USB 3.0 compatible. When I benchmark now the transfer rate...
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    Disable auto-start Edge and Meet Now?

    When I look at the auto-start list then I found an entry for edge browser "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --type=service /prefetch8 Furthermore "Meet Now" icon appears in Systray. How can I disable auto-start of the two programs? Is it necessary to uninstall...
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    Feature Upgrade: NO + Quality/Security Updates YES not possible?

    That was not an answer to my question. Ok, I ask in another way: If I disable Security Service(s) (with e.g. Sordum Windows Update Blocker tool) : Will the Quality/Security Updates delivered or not?
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    Feature Upgrade: NO + Quality/Security Updates YES not possible?

    Users cannot (at least in v2004) allow Quality=Security Updates but disable Feature updates (=to next major release). Is this correct?
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    Recommended cluster vs. sector size for 6TB hard disk? Diff? Optimize random access speed

    Whats the recommended cluster and sector size for 4TB or 6TB hard disk (formatted with NTFS)? It should be optimized for random access speed. Whats the difference between cluster and sector size at all? And which one has more impact on the random access speed? Toby