Windows 10 Decision if 'public' or 'private' network only important for current, local LAN segment?


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When I setup a connection (LAN or WLAN) I have to define if this connection should be part of a "public" or "private" network.

This network type is only important for accesses and issues INSIDE the current (LAN) network segment until the next router.
It is NOT relevant for accesses from outside the current LAN.

Is this correct?

Furthermore the membership in a certain Workgroup is independent from the definition as "private" network.
So all users from all computers of the same, local, "private" network have the same access to all shares even if the belong to different Workgroups.
....provided that all other (file and sharing permission) settings are equal.

Is this correct?


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The only difference is the predefined list of applications and protocols that are allowed/denied through the firewall. Public is a lot more restricted, so in short if it's a network you own or trust select private, if not use public.


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no not really, a workgroup is an outdated idea from a age where people didn't put all their personal details online and actually cared if someone knew those details... moden systems 'assume' everyone knows what you had for lunch and [more important] they 'assume' you want the world to know this

workgroup are not really used now and most people set networks to private... only something like a library or school sets them to public