Windows 7 How to repair Firewall (service) - Options in dialog partially missing


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On a computer with Windows 7 I started the built-in Firewall dialog.
Much to my surprise the Firewall does NOT show the full, usual firewall setup dialog but only a part of it.

It looks like as the left dialog in the attached snapshot.

If I click on the button "Use recommended settings" nothing happens.
Reboot doesn't help.

I guess Firewall Service was getting corrupt.
Almost everything works (Internet browsing, access TO other computer in LAN) except access FROM other computers in LAN.

When I enter at CommandPrompt:

D:\work>Netsh Advfirewall show allprofiles
An error occurred while attempting to contact the Windows Firewall service. Make sure that the service is running and try your request again.

How can I repair Firewall setup?

missing expected firewall options in Windows 7.png