windows 7

  1. J

    Can't change icons on folders on imported disk in Windows 7

    I had a catastrophic failure, just created a new Windows 7 Ultimate system with very little installed. I attached a disk drive from the previous system that has data on it (it wasn't damaged). All files are accessible but I CANNOT CHANGE THE ICONS ON ANY OF THE FOLDERS. I've done all of the...
  2. Mugsy

    HELP! Windows won't boot. Not even Safe Mode. Repair doesn't see Windows installation! Fixboot error

    I must have been struck by a nasty virus. When I boot my computer, I get a screen with the following message instead: "Info: the boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible." I can't boot in Safe Mode. Windows is not found. I booted my Win7 install DVD and went into...
  3. S

    Needs legit Windows 7 product key shop

    I need to find a scam-free store where I can buy Windows 7, so I can put windows on Mac. I don't want to do anything illegal. Are there any good ones?
  4. B

    Window 10 hangs on logo after restart upgrade

    I have a Samsung RV511 and have recently tried to upgrade from win 7 to win 10. Everything goes smoothly until the restart after everything is downloaded. My laptop restarts and then hangs on the win 10 logo. I tried restarted and win 7 loads up and im greet with this message once I log on...
  5. S

    Turning display setting off after X minutes

    Hello all: I just installed Windows 7 with SP 1 last week on my HP Pavilion desktop. I'm trying to have the screen go to black (or screensaver) after, let's say, 15 minutes. I set it and "save changes" but it never goes to black or screensaver. The screen just stays on. I've tried several...
  6. M

    Help! Help!

    I need help! So my windows 7 is missing vital system files and when I try to bot into it it either says BOOTMGR IS MISSING even though it is not. I have tried everything. Boot I got from installation disk and trying boot repair doesn't work. Command prompt works but all the command to fix it...
  7. H

    Net framework and windows update issues

    So with the release of windows 10 i tried to update my computer to allow me to get the free upgrade (didnt happen) I ended up with an error in windows update of "code 900070643" I have tried everything on the micorsoft support website and even had the support team take remote control of my...
  8. Nimit

    How many of you upgraded to Windows 10?

    Hi, let me know if you have upgraded to Windows 10. First i upgraded to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8 a long time ago then done this Windows 10 upgrade :)
  9. M

    Creating New Partition without Format

    Hello to all, I want to create a new partition out of my primary C drive but without having to format the disk. Is it possible to do so. This partition has a lot of space and therefore I want another partition, but without losing the content on C. I am using Windows 7 Home Edition
  10. Klanker2

    Can't Update Windows 7 "Low Memory"

    So, without a stable internet connection, I have disabled Automatic Windows Update, and have missed out on a couple of the most recent updates (Nearly every single one since 2013). Recently, I tried to download and install all but the optional updates, but ran into a problem. Other than the fact...
  11. pschauer12

    Using Apple Keyboard & Magic Mouse on Windows 7

    I'm trying to get my Apple keyboard and Magic Mouse to work with Windows 7. I previously had it working great on Windows 8, but then we downgraded to Windows 7 and now it's not working. I downloaded all of the drivers through Apple Boot Camp, and then I add the devices through Bluetooth. They...
  12. A

    Getting an error codes 800736B3 and 8000FFFF when updating windows 7

    As the title says i am receiving error codes Code 800736B3 and Code 8000FFFF when using windows update to update windows 7. There are 4 updates that I am attempting to install. How can I fix this?
  13. J

    Recover Windows 7 License from Microsoft

    During the 2009-2010 school year, I purchased Windows 7 Pro through school. I used it for a while, but uninstalled it when I upgraded that system and put Linux on it. So now I have a windows 7 key and license floating in limbo. Not installed on any device. And I lost the key ages ago. Now that...
  14. Nimit

    Change Mouse Cursor/Pointer

    Hey guys, many people inbox me here to make tutorial on how to change mouse cursor/pointer. some people are noob in this so here is video tutorial: It works for Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and the operating system used in this video (Windows 8.1)
  15. U

    If I don't install the new critical update?

    I will be away from my laptop for a while. It is on but it is plugged in to the charger and it is closed. It is not being used. So I have not installed the new critical update. Since my laptop is not being used, is it bad that I have not installed the update? Or does it not matter since it is...
  16. Barna

    How could i relocate system reserved partition from one hdd to another?

    Hello, I'd like to ask for help. I installed windows on my 1TB drive, but it automatically put the system reserved partition on my 320GB drive. Is it possible to relocate that to my 1TB drive, and if so, how complicated would that be, and how would I go about doing that? Thanks in advance, Barna
  17. S

    Upgrading to Windows 10

    Hello. I am using Windows 7 Pro and I want to upgrade it to Windows 10. As far as I know, to do this I need to reserve my copy that will be available after 29th July(not sure if it's correct). In any case, there should be windows 10 icon in the right corner of taskbar. And the problem's that I...
  18. Windows 8 Booting and Starting 50% Faster Than Windows 7

    Windows 8 Booting and Starting 50% Faster Than Windows 7

    Explanation: Microsoft has released benchmarks and video testimony that shows the power of their new Windows 8 operating system. In boot and start-up benchmark scores, Windows 8 appears to obliterate Microsoft Windows 7. If that wasn't enough, Emily Wilson, Program Manager...
  19. How to Configure and Manage Windows Home Server

    How to Configure and Manage Windows Home Server

    A quick walkthrough of how to configure and manage Microsoft Windows Home Server. In this walkthrough, we detail the process of client configuration, useability, and management regarding Home Server.
  20. Buying a New Computer

    Buying a New Computer

    How many people have actually documented the REAL purchase, sale, and set up of a new computing rig? What are the challenges for someone who knows NOTHING about computer hardware? What is the thought process that goes into buying either a PC or a Mac? What are the networking considerations? That...