Multi-tasking on an old CPU


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I upgraded an old Laptop from Windows 7 to 10 64 bit.

The CPU is Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 GHz. It does not have Hyperthreading in the cores and when there are two tasks to be done it just stops until I quit one of the programs and then it can continue normally.

Is there a program that can mange multi-tasking and solve this problem or is the only way to do it is to change the CPU?


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No, windows itself should solve this. Have you really end a task by hand? In windows run normally many processes.


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It is just my backup system. I use it for testing different things. It will complete 10 years next month. The main system has I3 CPU and multitasking works much better on that one.

The drives were both upgraded to SSHD drives which is better than HDD but not as good as SSD.

Maybe one day I will have an SSD and I will test this again. It might make a difference.


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on an old system like that you are better off with the sshd because ssd will have driver issues


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So I did upgrade to SSD.

It did improve overall performance and the multitasking.

The old MLB does not support SATA III. So it does not have the trim feature and only give a performance of about 50% of that total performance of the SSD.

But it is worth it for me.