1. B

    Windows 7 re:unsaved gmail pop3 server settings in google

    Hello Windows Forum members, I have a gmail settings dilemma with my windows 7 PC....I am having problems selecting (to keep my selected pop3 options...selected)google gm,ail pop3 server settings in gmail online~~when i choose to enable all gmail pop3 settings in gmail settings,the pop3...
  2. Mink00

    Windows 7 Win 7 installation not working

    I wanna install win 7 on mu computer and its currently win 10 so i bought a product key windows 7 home premium and i typed it in in the change product key in activation in settings and it said it had activated that version but i still have win 10 home What do i do?
  3. P

    Windows 7 New RAM Chip Gives around .3GB more usable rather than ~2GB?

    This week, I cracked open my computer and installed another RAM chip EXACTLY like the one I had in before (from an identical, untouched computer). They're both 2GB. I started with ~1.9GB usable ram, and only jumped to 2.2GB usable RAM with the new chip. Is there any way to figure out why exactly...
  4. E

    Windows 7 Windows 7 64bit BSOD

    Hello! I have just recently built a PC around the end of September. Since the end of October, I have been getting BSOD's . This happens usually once or twice every week. I was playing a game today and I got one and lost my save data D: and have realized it is time I try and fix this. I have no...
  5. B

    Windows 7 w7 freezing software programs (not responding)

    Hi community, First of all, if this subforum is not the correct one, let me know so that I can change it. Despite the many posts about the same issue, I haven’t found any ‘how to post about’ post for this type of problem, so I think it’s better to attach the following and wait to see if some...
  6. N

    Windows 7 Format PC with built in Window 7

    Dears, Good day, I have Asus PC with built in window, i am trying to boot recovery mood f9 when the PC start off. unfortunately the recovery not solve the problem even when i select full format for PC. the PC run and shut down again and again (unlimited loop) seems that there is a software...
  7. marq020

    Windows 10 Can't update from 7 to 10

    So I decided that I want to take advantage of the free update, so today I tried to do it. From windows update I clicked on "Restart now" (Win10 is already downloaded) but it just reboots back to windows 7. After a couple attempts I figured this isn't working. So I remembered that there are some...
  8. Noordeen

    Windows 7 How to Find wifi password on windows 7

    this a Video Tutorial about how to find WIFI password on Windows 7. In this method I show you how find the wifi key in Command and in windows Mode.
  9. A

    Windows 7 window7 ultimat as a client not loging to windows 2003 st. r2

    we are using windows 2003 server sd edition r2 recently we format two client computer and installed windows 7 ultimate edition some how its not becoming a member of domain its msg. say check dns not responding.
  10. M

    Windows 7 Windows 7 Professional Task Bar

    When I minimize a window or application in Windows 7 Professional it does not get pinned to the task bar. The only way I can access open windows is by pressing "widows tab" and then selecting the appropriate window. Is there a way I can pin all open windows to the task bar and then preview them...
  11. Night515

    Windows 7 Broken icons on Task Bar

    Hello, I'm having a strange issue with 2 icons on my Task Bar. They have a weird message when you hold the cursor over them and don't seem to do anything if you click on them. I got them from uninstalling 2 games.
  12. W

    Windows 7 Win 7 Pro problems

    I have a Windows 7 Professional Dell T3500 desktop PC. I am having a couple of problems with this tower that started a few days ago. It was working fine last week. I used the Remote Desktop to connect to this workstation, and I get the following message: “The Identity of the remote computer...
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