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When anyone reports a problem with delayed startups and shutdowns the first suggestion is to check that "Administratitive Logs" Under Event Viewer / Custom Views

These logs show errors with drivers and hardware.

Atikmdag Error FINALLY resolved.

I've been pestered by this error in my Administrator log under Event Viewer for 3 months and I FINALLY found the Ati drivers that fixed it:

I always had this warning about Wireless Lan Autoconfig

"WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully stopped"

What happens is when the WLAN Autoconfig service is on? It automatically searches for a better wireless connection every 60 seconds. If you are a gamer you will SEE the delay... and probably get KILLED... during the freeze that is temportarily encountered.

I don't use a wireless router so I disabled this service under Administrative tools / services However....

It still logged the error message so I found this utility and made sure it wasn't starting turned off the background scans and it seems to have resolved that problem.


Microsoft Free Download

Deploying Windows® 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit


"Buy Windows 7: Get Six Weeks of Your Life Back."

Pretty good agrument for upgrading to Windows 7

Let's see if I can sum up the article.... the author spends 54 hrs a week on his computer -- at least four minutes per hour on average was spent unproductively waiting for Vista to do something -- to regain its Wi-Fi connection, to clear me as an administrator for some critical process, to refresh a directory listing, to reboot a crashed Internet Explorer, to cancel a search that became lost in a forest of meaninglessness, or to decide again that the monitor on my laptop was the only monitor on that laptop.

He sez: I've gained back some 385 hours of productivity per year.
That's over six weeks of work.



My argument for runnig Windows 7

Do this... open a command prompt and run this command:

Winsat mem

I got 15427.87 MB/s with 3 GB DDR3 and I7 processor.

I don't know what it reports under Vista but Win 7 is better designed to take advantage of multi-core multi-thread processing. Device Manager / processor show I have 8 processors running. That's why video editing is done in less than half the time under Win 7 with I7 processors.


However, it looks like we have plenty time to waste:
8 Billion minutes DAILY are spent on facebook
8 billion minutes = 15,211 years


Windows 7 Freebies: Where to Get Giveaways
Roundup from: CompUSA, Office Depot, Staples and Microsoft



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Speaking of Hitler... it seems he got worked up
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Balloon Boy Hoaxes Hitler
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