10 Reasons Why Windows Security Is Better Than Ever

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    10 Reasons Why Windows Security Is Better Than Ever

    Although some folks like to rail against Microsoft and the state of Windows security, the company's operating system is arguably more secure than it ever has been. That's in no small part due to the many new features that make Windows 7 a robust operating system.

    Windows isn't very well known for providing the kind of security users really want. Windows has long been the favorite target of malicious hackers that have run amok in the operating system. Over the past few years, things have only gotten worse for Microsoft. Until Service Pack 2 was released for Windows XP, users were subject to a slew of security problems. Even Windows Vista didn't protect users as much as they would have liked, causing some folks to move to Apple's Mac OS X, which is generally believed to be more secure than Windows.

    But with the release of Windows 7, Microsoft has done a fine job of retooling its operating system. No longer is it the danger-prone operating system that users once joked about. Today, Windows is more robust and secure than it ever has been. Although it won't stop every major outbreak that affects the Windows ecosystem, you can bet that it will stop several potential threats.

    More than ever before, Microsoft now understands that it can't simply rest on its laurels, expecting both consumers and the enterprise to fall in line behind another new operating system. Microsoft finally realizes that in order for customers to want to switch to the new operating system, they must want to switch. Microsoft has proven that it

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